Sivergy joined Intelligent Energy LAB to develop energy efficiency ideas for Vilnius city


Recently Sivergy joined Intelligent Energy LAB community. Intelligent energy is focusing on managing energy more efficiently than ever before. Demand for energy keeps growing worldwide, and the use of it must become more sustainable. At the same time there is a growing need for an expansion and modernisation of the existing energy infrastructure. This will require a systemic optimisation of the energy system. Intelligent Energy Lab is an open platform – eager to invite and involve companies, universities, institutes, and associate structures that care about efficient energy use, sustainability, and the modern city energy sector. More about IEL in the link.

Ideas raised by IEL are very in line with Sivergy goal – contribute to EU green deal strategies and reach desired milestones before due time, while becoming climate neutral Europe by 2050. We believe that being the part of the IEL community will help as to connect dots and will bring synergy for future projects.

In particular Sivergy is keen to contribute to following ecosystems:

  • Surplus heat utilization

  • Development of renewable energy resources employment

  • Extending circular economy possibilities

Sivergy is happy being the part of IEL community and contributing to its aim - generating and developing intelligent energy ideas in the city of Vilnius.