Finished works for district heating pipes installation project


Sivergy team together with our partners Industrial systems & engineering (further ISE) finalizes contractual works for district heating pipes instalation project in Panevezys, Lithuania. District heating system is owned by Panevezio energija which is the 4th biggest district heating company in Lithuania. District heating system is one of the most efficient way to supply environmentally friendly heat energy in the cities, therefore Sivergy team is happy to contribute to such projects.

In this project ISE provided manpower and Sivergy maintained communication and coordination works for customer Geovizija, UAB. Geovizija is well known company in Lithuania which is mainly focusing on installation and reconstruction works of district heating networks. Furthermore, company can provide geodetic measurement, design and other services.

ISE provided a team of welders and fitters (in total 750 hours) for district heating pipes repairing works with Customer’s supervision. Works were accomplished in indoor and outdoor environments. Certified and experienced employees were provided for the Customer to ensure professional and high-quality services with respect to issued requirements and planning.

Partnership between Sivergy and ISE brings value for different projects, locations, and applications. Successful references and Customer’s testimonials regarding performed works keeps us moving forward.