We are developing and implementing #solutions for:

Retrofitting projects.
Energy applications where fossil fuels are used as a primary energy source can be easily converted to biofuels or adopted to newest strict environmental regulations by changing combustion system. Modifications can be made to all type of boilers or energy generators.
We can provide solutions for switching to bio-powder, bio-oil or bio-gas fuels while using innovative burner combustion technologies with all needed auxiliary systems.
Solid biomass and waste energy projects.
We can suggest various technological solutions that corresponds needs of the customer for hot water, steam and CHP plants. Different purpose energy plants can be dedicated for district heating, process steam industries, greenhouses, drying process, cooling, and other usage.
We can support you in all project phases: feasibility studies, design and engineering, technology supply, project management, erection works, commissioning, O&M, etc.
Flue gas treatment systems.
All energy related projects have their trace for environment, and it must be treated with respect. We are integrating art-of-the-state raw-gas filtration systems in our projects to ensure required emission levels and manage environmental pollution.
We can offer: electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, multi-cyclones, NOx, SOx reduction system, and etc.
Heat recovery systems.
Based on process specification various heat recovery systems might be applicable in projects to maximise efficiency of the plant.
We can offer: flue gas condensers with condensate treatment, dry economisers, wet scrubbers, heat exchangers, and other equipment.