Early steps for surplus energy use in Vilnius city


Sivergy member Tadas Lukosevicius joined a competition in an Intelligent Energy Lab Hackathon together with Rolandas Terminas, Karolis Šiugžda, Ričardas Vasiliauskas, and Edgaras Baranauskas that are specialist in their own fields. Dots were connected by concluding team Renergy.

Intelligent Energy Lab Hackathon was a three-day professional challenge that took place on September 21-23, 2021, together with the annual Energy Tech Summit event. The hackathon was held virtually, by connecting district heating and cooling teams from energy companies, start-ups, expert managers, engineers and IT product developers. More information might be found in the link.

Team pointed that Lithuanian district heating market has not only a long-lasting tradition, but also a bright perspective. Open market for independent heat producers was a huge step, but now the time came for the future. Surplus energy owners involvement to active energy sharing processes might bring flexibility, balance of production, environmental impact, partnership possibilities. Surplus (waste) energy losses in industrial or commercial companies might be convert to additional heat energy source for local district heating systems. This trend in Scandinavia countries is already implemented as an pilot projects and this sound practices might be adjustable to Lithuania infrastructure as well. Despite of all technical, commercial, legal challenges that will be met in this path, user friendly environment as an APP platform was suggested as solution to support potential users.

Smart contracts, document management system, auctions, data sharing in real time, smart metering, quality management, cash flow balance, and many more features, this is what Renergy developed Heat Cool & Share conceptional ecosystem is all about. An idea and pitch video presented be Renergy team were awarded as the second-place winners in Intelligent Energy Lab Hackathon.

We are looking for potential pilot project to share our ideas and develop platform further. If you might be interesting in future cooperation, please reach out us!

Sivergy’ mission is to connect knowledge and expertise based on partnerships with common values which delivers sustainable energy and circular economy solutions as a compound projects. Competition in Hackathon was a enjoyable challenge that supports our vision. But we might not stop here.